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Teeth Whitening Mississauga

Amazing Teeth Whitening In 30 Minutes For $99.

So, do you want a whiter smile?  Indental now offers In-Office Teeth Whitening in 30 minutes for only $99*.

Maybe you have a special occasion happening soon—like a job interview or a wedding—and you need a more dazzling smile

Even if you practise good oral hygiene, life has a way of dulling those pearly whites: smoking, drinking tea/coffee/cola/red wine, eating dark foods, or using certain medications. You might not notice how your teeth have darkened over time, but they probably have darkened and could be brighter, even if you have whitened your teeth before.

Before Teeth Whitening

After Teeth Whitening

Recent developments in professional teeth-whitening techniques can provide excellent results in as little as 30 minutes.

Should you whiten your teeth quickly and conveniently in our clinic, or should you obtain custom-made bleaching trays for at-home use? We can help you find the best solution at a short, free oral health consultation in our Mississauga Dental Hygienist clinic. If desired, an in-clinic teeth-whitening treatment can be obtained immediately.

To learn more about teeth-whitening in Mississauga, or to make an appointment, email us, or call 905-272-5500.

At your appointment, you'll receive a free oral health consultation, and you’ll learn about which teeth-whitening options are best for you. You will see the current shade of your teeth, and discover how much whiter your teeth can be with just one 30-minute treatment.

How many shades your teeth will whiten depends on your lifestyle and the condition of your teeth. Every client of Dental Hygiene Solutions receives the same money-back guarantee:

All your teeth will be whiter when you follow the teeth-whitening instructions as outlined by your dental hygienist at Dental Hygiene Solutions, Mississauga.

*Not all clients are suitable candidates for the teeth whitening procedure and results may vary.

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